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Airwar is a hosting platform for secure systems working alongside online search domination, specifically targeting your ideal (key) demographics.

While our competitors offer to solve each problem as it arises, our team engineers comprehensive strategy that creates a path of success. Our hosting also includes complete migration, code cleaning and activation to ensure optimal campaign performance.

At the end, our aim is to integrate all of our clients into leaders in their particular industry. Our success is only reached if our clients succeed.

Airwar packages

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With help from our team, we create a campaign that delivers new milestones in online reach and lead generation.

SEO Hosting with P.R.

SEO hosting with Paid Ranking, you set the number of customers you need each day.
Starting at $149 per month

SEO Hosting with O.R.

SEO hosting with Owned Ranking, a campaign plan guides your brand to lead searches without ad costs.
Starting at $199 per month

SEO Hosting

Not ready for increased traffic? We suggest starting out with standard SEO Hosting.
Starting at $99 per month

What to know

Pre-Sale Questions

We are minimalists who don't like to waste. There's no need to set you up with features you will never use, so to get started, prepare these key points.


How many new customers does your comapny want?


How many new customers can your company handle?


How many direct competitors are you aware of?


How many customers are your competitors capturing ahead of you?


What is your target customer or clientele?


What would you like your next online milestone to be?


Setup Process Requirement

Approximately: 48 hours

We make your priority our priority.

Complete Monitoring

You're Invitation to

Few executives have the free-time, but those that do; we offer comprehensive admin panels are available (not mandetory) to our clients which share server data, uptime reports, analytics, and much more.

Because we are excited about what we provide, and slightly OCD; it motivates us to share with you newly found data previously unseen/unmonitored/unknown to you and your team. These analytics help executive teams know more about their customers and in real time.

  • Truth-of-Source User Data
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Real-time Trend Data
  • Server Monitoring
  • Big Brother / Employee Monitoring (optional feature)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of information regarding our services. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form.

What does SEO mean?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization; which is the process for best practices in searchine guidelines and compliance.

How do you make websites acceptable for search engines?

We stay in touch with all leading search engine provides and keep your site updated with the latest guideline requirments and specifics.

Will SEO Hosting put my website ahead of my competitors?

Yes. We are confident of this because nearly zero brands currently use SEO hosting. 99.9% of all businesses online use hosting resellers and middlemen (GoDaddy, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Wix, etc.). is the company putting leading brands at the top of your serach engine.

Where do I find the latest SEO guidelines posted by leading search engines?

You can locate the latest SEO guideline specifics in each search engines developer community. Usually requires an associated account (example: Google Developer Community requires a gmail email address for access).

What makes different than other hosts?

99.9% of all hosting companies have a business model centered around the philosophy, 'sell as much as we can now, worry about bandwidth when it becomes a problem." The issue is that a large number of customers must be negitively effected first before fixes are made.

Does SEO hosting really matter?

SEO hosting isn't for everyone. Every week we meet business owners who are 100% okay with being 'good enough.' is not a standard, it is a service for websites that want to be high-peforming and industry-leading. Some business owners fear success, others avoid it. Other companies know their product or service is the best one out there. We help them reach that plateau online.

Why don't other hosts do what does?

We've been asking ourselves this for 22 years. The only factor we can speculate is they simply have a different set of standards.

How does stay on top?

With, we don't wait for things to break, and we don't rest on our laurels. We are focused downstream while maintaining the upstreams. This ensures optimal performance with zero downtime.

Why does uptime matter?

A search engine is only as popular as it's weakest suggested search result. Being as such, it favors websites which follow their extensive guidelines being that marketing companies, ad agencies, and content developers use unethical tactics to lead search results. If you follow the fine print Search Engine Developer communities provide, you will lead the pack with no need to budget for digital advertising.

Is minimalist hosting better than maximist hosting?

Some clients have more comfort with maximist hosting configurations (lots of software, bulk security, excessive features, and extended storage). This we describe as maxmimist thinking. works from a minimalist perspective. A clean, well-organized, fast-performing, cost-efficient, and well secured infrastructure with unique security settings. With minimalist hosting, complex and unique security is a realistic option.

How does locate results for my brand's particuar industry?

We are tactical with each and every client. No template data, no copied campaigns, and absolutely no mirrored or duplicated work. Everything we do is from the ground up, speecific to each client which requires study and research (something we love to do and are genuinely interested in).

Are maximist hosting setups are less secure?

A maximist or oversized setup offers generalized (easier) security features which are easier for threats to infiltrate. Every piece of software out there is publically available, which means threats know security settings intimately. We eliminate this possibilty by evaporating all clutter and increasing personalized/unique security.

What is your server uptime guarantee?

Server uptime guarantee is 100%. We are aware that people freak-out or question statistics when they hear '100%' - but it's 100% to-date.

What is your server security guarantee?

Server security guarantee is 100%. However (fine print), we can only guarantee client data if client credentials are not compromised. We have steps to ensure they are not ever compromised. We do however offer additional plans in place which ensure security with accounts who's account logins and passwords have been compromised. Ask your consultant for details.

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