Why Transactional Clients Choose Paid Ranking

When you need to push a product or service in a small and/or focused time frame with a targeted outcome for a quick spike in business.

Paid Ranking is a short and quick way to bring in new clients. It's short term in in the sense that the campaign is only building your brand when it's running, costing you money per click/engagement/lead/etc. Example: Facebook Ads, GoogleAds, Instagram Ads, etc.. Once the campaign spending has completed, so do the leads and brand growth which forces most businesses to pay for advertising 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If this isn't ideal for your brand, ask us about owned ranking.

Paid ranking gives you quick return in a short period of time.

Attracts masses (everyone) unlike owned ranking (target clients).

Ideal for eleventh hour (anti-planners) launches to reach new customers quickly.

Budget's matched with your businesses bandwidth and capabilities.



With brands in highly competitve industries, Paid Ranking works to establsh a bump ahead of your competitors campaign efforts.


When your company has a lot of inventory, or staff in idle, Paid Ranking will get the phone ringing and butts in the door.


As pioneers in digital media, we have unique solutions. No templates, freelancers, cookie cutter campaigns, or duplciated trends.


What we hear from new clients

Duplicated Campaigns:

How do you make your brand stand out at a party of hundreds, thousands, or millions?

High Costs & Previous Failures:

Now days, everyone is a 'marketing genius' - which is code for "I play on Facebook a lot." This leads to budget increases when results are not as hoped.

Zero Guarantees:

Marketing agencies and freelancers never offer guarantees on their work. Why is this the norm?


Our method and promise

Certified and Endorsed:

Our experts are certified which delivers consistency utilizing creative solutions which outsmart the competition (both yours and ours) instead of answering every marketing challenge with budget increases.

0% Failure Rate:

We know what works and what doesn't, accessing a wide library of focus groups, user data, previous campaign data and case studies which are applied to your campaign, ensuring your budget goes farther.

Guaranteed Results:

Would you buy a tire from someone that 'hoped' it would get you home? As pioneers in digital media, we have taken the guesswork out of Paid Marketing which is why we are confident enough to offer guarantees.

The Root Issue: Noise That's Sold as Marketing Everyone is at the same party trying to get everyone's attention; and noisy marketing makes your brand look desperate.

We work with select clients to help make their brand the dominant search online with zero noise or marketing clutter.


Knowledge is Key and Your Time is Valuable

There are only a few hours in each day and we know your time is important. That's why we offer unique admin panels so you can quickly access and prioritize what data you need to know. From regional demographics to complete studies of your past, current, and trending customers.

Encrypted and Private
Data Reports
Programmable Trend Alerts

The Difference

Everyone and their mom is a web host and/or digital marketer.
How the hell are we any different?

Methodical We actively monitor and test every line of code every day to ensure SEO compliance
High ROI Return on investment is the standard that drives us
Industry Leading Our standard packages 10 years ago is today's status quo.
No Middlemen Use the team that agencies hire to resell to their clients
Pro Creative Perforemance creative design that increases your brand value
Proprietary We create platforms specific and unique to each individual client

The Numbers

Paid Ranking 282% Short-term ROI
Owned Ranking 500%+ Long-term ROI
SEO Hosting 140%+ Long-Term ROI
icon Most businesses use:
icon Leading brands use:

The Details: Paid Ranking

Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions

Evolving Products & Services

Before we integrate new services, we allow clients to test drive and tell us what they like and dislike. If you'd like to test out our latest integration models, please click below..


Below we’ve provided a bit of info on integrated marketing services for our hosting packages. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is the difference between owned and paid ranking?

Both increase your website's search ranking, Paid does so quick and temporarily, ending when your budget does, whereas owned is progressive and long-term.

Paid ranking is ideal for fast results with a genral audience. Owned ranking delivers gradual results with a target audience.

Brands which are in the market for long-term growth typically have long-standing products and/or services. These types of services and/or products benefit from Owned Ranking. Paid Ranking is best for startups and/or quick domination through general audeinces.

Papa John's is an example of Paid Ranking - always needing new customers for a low demand, highly searched product. Nordstrom's is an example of Owned Ranking who target specific customers searching for higher quality goods.

What can I expect from a Paid Ranking campaign?

You can expect a high number of customers in a short period of time (30 days).

You can expect a consistant flow of new, quality/target customers.

This is a common problem with Paid Ranking which results in products and/or services being in too high a demand, which sels. your portention customer on the service and reslts in them going elsewhere, with negitive context atached to your brand being overloaded.

You will start seeing verified results within 2 business days.

Is my website compliant with Owned Ranking requirements?

All clients recieve a free website performance evaluation. We only streamline what needs to be depending on your campaign (Owned, Paid, SEO Hosting).

Every 30 to 60 days typically, however all campaign clients are covered in guideline changes and updates at no additional charge to the client.

We provide full analytics before we start the campaign, during, and after to ensure that you are 100% aware of both the improvements and key targets to gain in lead genration of new customers from our services.

Yes. Contracts run 1 fiscal year from deployment, and are renewable at the end of each term.

Does Airwar guarantee their Paid Ranking results proposal?



There is no charge for any services.

Until the client budget reaches zero.

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