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About SEO Hosting

SEO hosting not only only helps you launch new products and services, but helps obtain and maintain a steady incoming stream of new clients. We designed our hosting very carefully to make it functional, secure, beautiful, and effective.

Airwar anticipates ongoing changes; we don't rest on our laurels. We come to work every single day ready to learn something new. This is a lost art in both business and tech, but we don't mind being loners.

We understand business owners' needs, desires, and the business model plans and expectations they have. We create packages to meet those demands - because in the end, we only succeed if our clients do, and can only continue doing what we love if our clients are happy.

Key features of

Fully Managed

Our clients have the unique option of complete and total control over their SEO, or complete management by us. Two decades of hosting companies in a vast array of industries has taught us a lot about their services, but more about how to create bulletproof campaigns that deliver results accurately and effectively.

Reliable and Secure

We recognize your time is valuable and is disrespected by affiliate companies, which is why we are 100% independent. If you have a question, call us up. No hold time, no supervisor callbacks, no escalation requests. Each call to us puts you in touch with an executive member of the company.

Personlized Performance

Every business is different as is every client. We don't make our clients adjust for us. Rather, we fit our model to your specific needs resulting in zero waste and zero client frustration.


Why Our Hosting Works Better

We firmly believe in approaching each new challenge from a new lens, allowing us to come up with efficient, new strategies vs recycling old ones.

Secured User Data

We protect our client's data manually. No automation, no filters or preselected settings - we learned from Microsoft's mistakes (both historically and currently).

Building Your Brand

Your customers take .5 seconds to judge you - we eliminate the little things which frustrate the masses. Solutions which will guide customers to what they want to know and where you want them to land.

Big Data Insights

Most use Google Analytics, however with privacy guidelines at risk, more and more customers are blocking their details to Google - which makes partial analytics inaccurate data. We have solutions for complete, accurate, and ethical client data.

Problem and Challenge

The industry standard (99.9%) for hosting companies is automation, which is also their weakest link.

The Ease of Automation

98% of all businesses in existance are built to grow and continue growing with targets of increased profit and lower costs. They accomplish this succesfully by doing the following:

  • Automated Security programs
  • Frequently updated security settings
  • Lower cost personnel
  • Shared systems

Automated Nickel-and-diming

Automation may seem futuristic, it's not. It's lazy - plain and simple. Why not put in a little more effort for a lot more return. Example: Pro - Email spam filters are offered for free or minimal cost with every email client, Con- they don't work. Result- If they are automating your email security, they are also automating your website's performance.

Over-scaling Automation

Hosting companies refuse to turn away any new customer. For a business owner, it's a good problem to have - but as a hosting company it results in making sites vulnerable and less unique. Example: Pro- Wordpress is easy, Con- 99.9% of your competitors are using the same templates, SEO programming, hosting servers, and identical configurations. Result- Your business will be one and the same of millions (literally).

Secure Networks & Flexibility

Security should be a default offering, unfortunately it's costly for large hosting companies. Example: Pro- Hosting companies need to offer the lowest rates, and they do this by hiring base-level personnel in droves, Con- they are not experienced enough to fix or see problems. Result- The client realizes their site and email are not as secure as advertised once it's too late.

Our Solutions

We don't take the risks our business owners do for their brand, so why should we be entitled to executive level costs? The importance is there, but the risk isn't - and we are aware of this. This is why is both logical and affordable.

Zero Over-Scaling:

We like clean, organized, and well performing hardware. We do this by not over-loading with multiple clients on one farm.

Low-to-Zero Automation:

We automate the non-essential tasks, and humanize the important aspects. It doesn't cost more. It actually saves time in the long run and keeps our clients' sites fast, secure, and happy.

Search Engine Compliance

Hosting companies don't want you to have a popular site because it means more bandwidth they need to support. We want the opposite: Our systems are optimal for high performance and we encourage heavy usage.

Leading the Pack

Ever been to a site that's slow-loading? First thought, are they still in business? Second, why is my phone/internet so slow? At this point the customer is frustrated before they've even reached your site. We ensure your customers an instant and pleasant experience while browsing your site.

App Screen

Our Powerful, Mobile
All-In-One Supernode

Supernodes allow ultimate control over your server's function, operation, security preferences, lockdowns, and security threat board.

Why Use a Pocket Supernode?

Safe & Secure

With such easy access comes risk? Not here. We manually approve and monitor access requests from both new and existing connections. And if it's a new phone or laptop, just give us a call 24/7.

Universal and Interactive

Regardless of your mobile device, desktop screen size, or operating system we offer full access, viewing and control in real time of every aspect of you hosting..

Send and Receive

Send and recieve reports pertaining to your exact interests ranging from new customers, missed leads, search term gaps, trending subjects, and more.

Newest Features

Introducing Your Complete Admin Dashboard

We designed our client Admin panels to manage back-end aspects of lead generation analytics and sales reporting. It allows clients to manage every part of their target demographic such as new services, special offers, events, and campaign redirects.

  • Fully manage demographic targeting process.
  • Online Payment Gateway with Offline Payment option.
  • Stage and deploy each phase of pending marketing campaigns.
  • Analytics reports, sales data, and extensive customer interest reports.
  • Newsletter with emailing options.
  • Mobile friendly and full support with all modern browsers.
The roadmap to success

Comapny Path

Airwar is developing a national data-driven platform for brand leaders. Powered by a combination of advanced utilities, state-of-the-art hardware, and seasoned professionals.

Oct 2011 Company Founded

Separation from our parent company and creation of a performance-centric, security targeted hosting service for existing clients.

Oct 2013 Company Expansion

Airwar integrates 3 additional technical advisors and 3 additional team leads.

Sep 2015 - Jan 2016 Process Testing

Testing and launch of our best practices, project protocol, and client management guidelines.


Apr 2019 Process Expansion : Phase 1

Airwar begins training and gradual integration of 3 additional technical advisors.

Apr 2019 Process Expansion : Phase 2

Airwar begins training and ultimate integration of Google's increased requirements.

Dec 2019 Proposed Acquisition is approached for acquisition by one of its clients. After months of negotiation and tempting offers, a team decision is made to continue on the path we are on vs. becoming "another hosting company." This belief will continue permanently under the existing leadership.

Mar 2020 Process Expansion

Performance updates in conjunction with Apple's finalized, revolutionary new privacy-centric search engine.


Jan 2021 Accepting Additional Clients

Performance updates in conjunction with Apple's finalized, revolutionary new privacy-centric search engine and automation services.


Apr 2024 Security Expansion

Security updates to counter increased online malicious activity utilizing unique tactics in capture and release technology allowing us to track and analyze malicious users while allowing legitiamte visitors full-use and viewing of client websites.


Powered by due diligence

The web hosting industry is one of the most often-duplicated (cookie-cut) business models in today's market. We however follow a path that's designed, maintained, and engineered by developers, coders, and SEO experts that specifically benefits business owners of small to medium companies seeking improved ranking and brand awareness with zero dollar advertising spend or marketing budgets.

Christian Criscologo

Christian Criscologo


To be updated

To be updated.

Project Management85%
Project Lead68%
Jason Morales

Jason Morales


To be updated

To be updated.

Full-Stack Engineer85%
Tech Lead98%
Louis Baker
Sr. Backend Developer

Louis Baker

Senior Backend Developer

To be updated

To be updated.

Software Development85%
Team Lead98%
Joseph Jordan
Security Engineer

Joseph Jordan

Security Lead

To be updated

To be updated.

CDN Management85%
Security & Testing50%


Below we’ve provided a bit of info we occasionally hear from time to time. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is SEO Hosting?

SEO hosting is unlike all other website hosting comapanies as we set up our clients for success using owned ranking techniques qhich boast full compliance with leading search engines.

Increased leads, increased quality in the majority of your contacts, demographic targeting (find the customers you prefer vs. everyone), and bandwidth tuning (only do as much as your business can handle confidently).

Absolutely. However, every success story has a root connection with delegation. Let us do what we are best at so you can focus on doing what you're best at; building and running a successful business. We only succeed if our clients do.

100% uptime guarantee. 50% increase in lead generation (minimum). 50% increase in server speed (minimum). 60% faster page load times (minimum).

What makes airwar SEO hosting superior to others?

The secret is our special sauce, comprised of two decades of research, experience, upsets, failures, and wins which we have paid dearly for at our expense. We have refined our model which is why we have a selective offering with new/unfamiliar clients.

Magic. In all honesty, we have made friends with sorcerers and magicians who actually do all of our back-end work. We don't know how they do it either - but they do it!

Yes, of course! But the requirements we follow change weekly if not daily. It will work for a week, maybe two.

What we have found to be the best and most secure systems are those with the least amount of scripts available in darkweb hackshare communties. We follow these closely to ensure that we know what's at risk, what's freely available, and what's in danger of being hacked.

Where is my account username?

When you signed up with, you gave us a 22-40 character email address. This unique and lengthy email address is your username.

Yes, you can pay online. You can access this dashboard through client login.

We offer both. New clients are required to sign-up for an annual service agreement. After the first year, your account will be eligible for a monthly payment schedule.

Yes. Please contact us for our billing address.

How do I find my ideal customers?

Set up a consultation and our team leader will reach out to you with multiple strategies to fit your exact needs, company bandwidth, and budget.

10 business days from approved content launch.

If you're sincerely asking this, we would like to refer you to for your hosting solutions.

Yes. As an existing client, we will regularly ask you how your bandwidth is matching your website's performance to ensure there is complete balance in the number of customers with available appointments/products/etc.

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