Types of Hosting


Enom, GoDaddy, Bluehost, 1&1, etc.
Servers filled beyond capacity (referred to as 'shared' hosting), Designed for high-profit at the lowest cost, Zero-compliance with SEO requirements, slowest page-loading times, frequent website hibernations, third-party tech support.


Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Servers which are powerful, but hosted with millions of others at the same facility. Zero quality control, low to no performance assurances due to maximum capacity, and frequent server hibernation (putting your server to sleep to save energy costs for host) which results in a long connection and loading time for your site. Sometimes referred to as 'cloud' and 'dedicated' hosting, these services provide zero-compliance with SEO requirements set by search engines as it's not their priority. Resulting in inconsistent page-loading times, third-party tech support, expensive upgrade options, automated security and data management, regular service outages, compromised security.


SEO Hosting with airwar
Powerful, state-of-the-art servers running below maximum capacity for optimal performance which are setup and configured from the base with SEO compliance guidelines and best practices. Our hosting also offers human monitoring (no automatiion) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which ensures ultra-fast page-loading times, zero downtimes, zero hibernations, experienced and indivdually knowledged support agents, no upgrades needed, individualized client secuirty and data management.


Wix, Squarespace, etc.
Servers filled at capacity, Zero-compliance with SEO requirements, inconsistent page-loading times, ineffective tech support, vastly expensive upgrade options, automated security and data management, occasional service outages, compromised security, gateway marketing (starts out as free/free trial - price quadruples, ROI is low to non-existant), everything you develop with them remains perminantly on their servers (you cannot migrate what you create with them).


Business SEO Hosting

Local Business SEO hosting, fully-compliant and specifically targeted at locally based lead generation and client capture.

Always Accessable: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with 24/7 Full-stack developer tech support

Efficient Hosting: Locally based servers (based nearest to your business and your target customers)

Individualized Management: We focus on management and maintainence aligned with SEO best practices on a daily basis, allowing you to focus on what's important; your client.

Specifically designed for: Regional (local) lead generation for businesses, retail storefronts, restaurants, and commercial services.

National Business SEO hosting, fully-compliant and specifically targeted at key/target demogrpahics for effective lead generation and client capture.

Always Accessable: 99.9% Uptime Guarantee with 24/7 Full-stack developer tech support

Efficient Hosting: Nationally based servers (based nearest to your business and your target customers)

Comprehensive Management: We fully focus on management and maintainence aligned with SEO best practices on a daily basis, allowing you to focus on what's important; your client.

Specifically designed for: National Brands, Business Consulants, Sales Consultants, Business-to-Business

Medical SEO Hosting

SEO compliant HIPAA certified hosting solutions for medical practices.

We know how important website speed and uptime are for your medical practice, so we're always focused on improving our network so you experience faster load times and minimal downtime.

Growth requires change, so we make upgrading to a bigger plan as simple as possible. No contracts or red tape.

All IP spaces are pre-verified and stockpiled for dedicated SEO uses. Absolutely never reusing unverfied, previously blacklisted IPs.

We are constantly looking downstream and upstream to ensure best practices for the latest security updates, the newest hardware features and the latest applications, ensuring you are leading the path online, not following.

Our team are full-stack developers who know both advanced, modern development and SEO best practices, available solely to you 24/7/365 to help navigate you towards the best hosting experience possible. Not sure what plan is right for you? We'll help you make the right choice. Need help with an issue? We'll handle it with a smile.

Client Base

A breakdown in our client base by industry and demographic.

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7.2 Layer

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3 MS

Our History

Airwar is developing a national data-driven platform for brand leaders. Powered by a combination of advanced utilities, state-of-the-art hardware, and seasoned professionals.

Plan Pricing

Page load times make a difference in serious SEO campaigns, and our technology is optimized for maximum performance in the areas that count.

SEO Business Hosting (LOCAL)
SEO Business Hosting(ENTERPRISE)
SEO Retail Hosting (ONLINE STORE)
SEO Medical Hosting (HIPAA)

Frequently Asked

Below we’ve provided our most common questions over the past decade.
If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is the difference between Standard hosting and Airwar hosting?

Standard hosting is to Airwar hosting as McDonalds is to having a private, professionally trained chef.

Each client is designated a 3 member team who know the specifics about your account. Each is a full-stack developer who knows the technical habits of your web server, optimizing it for impecable security and uniterrupted, ultra-fast service.

Nope! We do not charge you money to come work with us.

If your company prefers coming up in search results ahead of your competitors without paying for per-click advertising, SEO hosting is your most cost-effective choice.

How do I benefit from improved security?

Faster hosting, zero outages, increased performance, improved reliablity, and better search engine ranking.

9 out of 10 successful phishing techniques, bait and switch attacks, key logging hacks, denial of service (DDOS) attacks, cookie thefts, virus infections, and trojan tags are through trusted websites with automated security. We ensure that your clients browsing is not compromised on your website, ensuring that your brand stays both reputable and hack-free.

What we provide should be the industry standard. Since profit and number of customers is the priority for 99% of all hosting companies, makes us 'boutqiue' by definition.

Automated security sometimes blocks hackers, but more often than not, automated security blocks authorized users. Hackers are human users using tricks at random for unauthorized access to widely available software applications. By the time you know you've been hacked, it's too late. Our full-stack developers manually monitor login attempts and failures with both speed and logic and no automation.

What is the importance of branding?

Each year, 620,000 new businesses are established. 20% of them fail that year, 30% the following. Following popularity will result in your business becoming a statistic. Avoid becoming a statistic requires original ideas, knowledge and experience; this is what we have been doing for 22 years.

There are no cookie cutter solutions to a brand's digital strategy. Contact us today for a free one-on-one consultation.

In 1996, AOL was the leading business networking site. In 2003: Yahoo, 2004: Myspace, 2006: Google, 2010: Yahoo, 2011: Google, 2012: Facebook, 2014: Instagram, 2015: Facebook, 2016: Google/Facebook/Instagram, 2017: Google, 2018: Facebook, 2019: Google, 2020: Google/Facebook... We create unique digital strategies which sidestep social media dependency. Stop bouncing back and forth and contact us today for a long-term, effective solution.

1: Being a trustworthy source of information about your company (no, a Facebook page doesn't count, as history proves). 2: Providing your company's content fast and and reliably, gives your clients an impression that your company is just that (fast and reliable). 3: Delivering your company's digital content to your key client efficiently.

Why is marketing important?

The most well-known brands are not always the best. They are simply the most commonly known due to marketing. Contact us today and let us create yours.

We recommend evaluating your key demographic and targeting them efficienty and cost-effectively. If this is a challenge, connect with us today and let us help!

Digital marketing should have a 25% minimum ROI. Our average client campaign ROI for 2020 was 52%. If your existing marketing company isn't reaching or proving this, you may want to start a conversation with us.

With 22 years in marketing, the only difference we've noticed is medium. In 1995, it was print advertising. In 2000, it was flyers. In 2005, it was Google. In 2020, it was completely unpredictable. Contact us if you need help targeting your 2021 campaign.

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